Coinbase holds second internal hackathon at the Coinbase HQ

Announcements | December 30, 2015 By:

Coinbase held their second internal hackathon at the Coinbase HQ, focusing on projects its workers do not normally work on.

“While we are committed to making it easy for people to buy bitcoin, we also spend a lot of our free time thinking about the new behaviors that an open, global payment protocol can uniquely enable. This 48-hour hackathon gave us a few work days to explore some of these possibilities,” said Coinbase.

Coinbase announced some of what they worked on, including a browser plugin for HTTP status code 402: payment required and HTML tags; a Slack bot enabling the functionality “to reward coworkers with bits and is simple for any team to setup”; an implementation of the Xim bitcoin exchange protocol; a visualization tool for looking at local wifi networks; and, an Android app of the Electrum bitcoin wallet.

Coinbase is a bitcoin wallet and platform where merchants and consumers can transact with bitcoin.