CoinFabrik to implement new Coinbase API to 26 languages

Announcements | June 16, 2016 By:

CoinFabrik announced it has started an open source project which uses Swagger, a popular framework for API’s to implement Coinbase API to 26 computer languages.

The auto-generated client libraries include support for Tizen, QT 5, C++, Objective C, Javascript, Android, and over 20 other languages, frameworks, and platforms.

The libraries come with full documentation on how to use them, including examples. CoinFabrik explains the easiest way to generate a client library is to load the swagger.json file into the Swagger Editor and then download it from the “Generate Client” tab. Interested developers can look into Github for further information.

The company said that it has been working on a first draft swagger specification for Coinbase API v2. Although, it is not yet full featured, the basics have been covered so far (such as users, accounts, addresses and transactions).

CoinFabrik is a cryptocurrency development and consulting firm.