CoinFac to bring quantum computing technology to bitcoin mining

FinTech | May 13, 2016 By:

CoinFac Limited has recently introduced the next generation quantum computing technology into cryptocurrency mining.

Quantum computing is thought to be the next generation of supercomputers, capable of processing dense digital information and generating multi-sequential algorithmic solutions 100,000 times faster than conventional computers.

“We envisioned cryptocurrency to be the game changer in most developed country’s economy within the next 5 years. Reliance of quantum computing technology expedite the whole process, and we will be recognized as the industry leader in bringing about this tidal change. We aren’t the only institution fathom to leverage on this technology. Other Silicon big boys are already in advance talks of a possible tie up. Through the use of quantum computing, usual bitcoin mining processes are expedited by a blazing speed of 4,000 times. We bring lucrative mining back into Bitcoin industry, all over again,” said CoinFac Limited CEO Mike Howzer.

CoinFac Limited is a technology company based in Hong Kong.