opens first blockchain lab in Central Europe

FinTech | May 13, 2016 By: has announced the launch of the Coinfirm Block Lab, the first blockchain lab in Central Europe.

The lab brings together financial, regulatory and educational institutions to take part in developing the revolution the blockchain is set to create. The Block Lab will serve as a hub where members can connect with top talent, startups, partners and investors worldwide. The lab boasts partnerships with multiple financial institutions and entities, including Bitcurex, one of the largest European bitcoin exchanges.

“It will be a great environment to work on solutions around Bitcoin, Ethereum, smart contracts and compliance but will address countless types of applications. Much like the Internet was in the 90’s, Blockchain is going to very quickly affect countless industries and become a significant part of the systems that run our daily lives,” said Coinfirm co-founder Pawel Kuskowski. is a blockchain startup that focuses on data management.