Coinify hires Steen Parsholt as new chairman

Announcements | February 23, 2017 By:

Coinify has announced that Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer is stepping down from the position as Chairman of The Board to become Board Member and Steen Parsholt is joining the startup as the new Chairman.

With rich managerial experience from previous positions in IT and fintech companies (including Oracle, IBM, Pandora, Bancore and currently Nets Group), Hans Henrik has contributed with translating Coinify’s growth objectives into actionable plans and aligning our technology capabilities to business needs. “We think that Hans Henrik’s performance as chairman had been truly outstanding and we greatly appreciate all his efforts in navigating us to where we are today” expressed CEO and one of the Co-Founders Mark Højgaard.

“I am pleased to welcome Steen Parsholt at his new role as Coinify Chairman and I am confident that under his lead, we will be able to establish even stronger ties to the financial industry as well as implement his experience from this sector into our strategy. We foresee that 2017 will be a very exciting year for Coinify, and we have been readying ourselves for formal regulation and compliance to finally kick-in in our industry which we have worked tirelessly for – and I am excited to see this as part of the board work,” said Hoffmeyer.

Coinify is a blockchain payment service provider.