CoinList Launches New Service To Help Blockchain Startups Engage With Developers

Blockchain, News | December 20, 2018 By:

CoinList, a company dedicated to facilitating compliance and other technical issues on vetted initial coin offerings (ICO), has introduced a new service designed to assist blockchain startups to engage with developers via online hackathons.

Called CoinList Build, the new service will help blockchain projects to find developers that will allow them to succeed in their next phase of growth. Initially, the service will focus on connecting blockchain startups and developers through online hackathons.

CoinList’s first client is 0x, an open protocol that allows for peer to peer (P2P) exchange of tokens on the ethereum blockchain. 0x’s online hackathon, dubbed Bringing Decentralized Markets to the Masses, will run from January 10 to February 7, with 0x offering $50,000 worth of its token as prizes to get people to sign up.

Judges for the hackathon include product and design leaders from top brands. These include Tara Tan (IDEO), Ryan Hoover (Product Hunt), and Jeff Morris Jr (Tinder). Legal experts Katherine Wu (Messari), Collins Belton (Atrium), and Georgia Quinn (CoinList) are also included in the judging panel.

“We believe that online hackathons can be mutually beneficial for both startups and developers. They are democratized, anyone can participate, you don’t have to travel,” said CoinList President Andy Bromberg. “It’s a chance to get a bunch of people to build on top of a platform.”