Colorado Hires Thaddeus Batt As Its First Blockchain Architect

Job Appointments | May 27, 2019 By:

The office of Colorado governor Jared Polis has hired Thaddeus Batt as its inaugural “blockchain solution architect” to devise ways the state can use blockchain technology in government.

Legislation passed in Colorado last year helped pave the way for the creation of the new position. The Cyber Coding Cryptology for State Records Act created a mandate for the OIT to seek out and implement new solutions to protect sensitive state data from “criminal, unauthorized, or inadvertent manipulation or theft,” including blockchain and advanced ledger technologies.

““The creation of this Blockchain Solution Architect role is breaking new ground and a step in the right direction to secure Colorado as a leader in blockchain innovation, ” said Polis.

Batt spent nearly two decades working as chief technology officer for Spire Digital, a software development company based in Denver. For the past year, Batt has also run his own blockchain consulting practice. Before that, Batt spent the 1990s helping bring some of Hearst Media’s flagship publications online.

As the state’s new blockchain architect, Batt will be responsible for building and promoting the state’s blockchain infrastructure, while also looking for opportunities to expand the technology’s use through pilot programs and use cases. He will also develop blockchain solutions to data protection while also working to shore up security procedures around state information.

“The state is actively looking at ways emerging technologies such as blockchain can help us better serve Coloradans, and this role will help lead the way,” said Chief Information Officer and Executive Director Theresa Szczurek.