Constellation Labs To Use Blockchain University’s Certification Platform For Ambassador Program

Blockchain | November 29, 2018 By:

Constellation Labs is planning to use Blockchain University‘s certification platform to deploy its own certification test.

Constellation is a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) protocol that runs smart contracts as microservices. The company recently unveiled its bionetwork, known as the Global Ambassador Network, a global network of blockchain enthusiasts and industry experts focused on creating strong word of mouth networks for blockchain projects in alignment with Constellation’s vision. It provides tools and the expertise which are required to incorporate blockchain into networks.

Based in Silicon Valley, the Blockchain University is one of the world’s largest certified blockchain communities, with over 1,500 certified developers. It is currently active in 11 cities across four countries, expanding their footprint both online and on the ground. It claims to be “the world’s first education platform built on the blockchain, which is powered by the one0x protocol and its KARMA knowledge coin.”

Under the partnership, Blockchain University will offer a Constellation certification program on its platform, which includes a live course that educates ambassador prospects on the various areas of the Constellation business, such as business, technology, market insights, as well as a personal industry aptitude assessment. Once completed, the test will be scored and if approved, the ambassador will receive certification through the Blockchain University.

Benjamin Diggles, V.P of Business Development at Constellation, said that scaling a global team of ambassadors requires detailed knowledge of our business and technology in order to have a consistent message and approach to targeted industries.

“We believe that by investing in the education and validation of our ambassadors, it will empower Constellation to align with the enterprise companies that will truly benefit from our technology,” said Diggles. “Partnering with the Blockchain University is a strategic move towards this growing concept.”

According to the Blockchain University, the one0x protocol is a global standard for building dynamic reputation and performance trails for learners as they move between learning various avenues. It enables educators to build more agile learning paths and outcomes.

“Building the Web 3.0 starts with quality blockchain education working alongside quality partners, and we’re excited to work with Constellation on this initiative to grow and educate the community on their up and coming distributed security protocol,” said Sahil Parekh, the Blockchain University’s CEO and Co-Founder.