Cryex announces partnership with Cinnober

Announcements | May 22, 2015 By:

On Friday, May 15, Cryex announced partnership with Cinnober to provide turnkey solutions covering the marketplace’s full transaction cycle.

“This exciting project is a perfect match, as Cinnober’s widely deployed technology complements our business concept in an outstanding way. Combined with the solid technology investors we have behind us, this enables us to further integrate blockchain technology, which underpins cryptocurrencies, with the global banking system,” said Cryex chairman Simon Nathanson.

The move on the part of CRYEX is intended to attract established financial institutions into the digital currency ecosystem, by providing a regulated environment where blockchain technology meets tier one technology.

Cryex is the gateway between financial markets and the blockchain economy. Cinnober is an independent supplier of financial technology to marketplaces and clearinghouses.