Crypto App Mode Appoints Ryan Moore As Chief Executive Officer

Job Appointments | May 14, 2021 By:

UK listed crypto app Mode has appointed Ryan Moore as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Moore will be working closely with its founder Jonathan Rowland, one of the UK’s richest people, who will remain as chairman.

Mode’s goal is to transition the world to a truly digital financial system that reduces frictions and costs for consumers and merchants, and gives digital assets the place they deserve in today’s modern economy. To date, Mode has launched a first-of-its-kind financial app in the UK that allows users to access GBP, EUR and BTC accounts, and grow their digital assets, all in one place. For businesses, Mode offers marketing, e-commerce and payments services for UK companies looking to attract, engage and retain high-value customers globally. Mode is an official partner of WeChat Pay and Alipay.

Moore, who joins Mode from oil services company Baker Hughes, has been a member of the board at Mode and an early investor since the business was founded.

“Having closely worked with Jonathan and Mode’s executive team since the company’s founding, I have a deep understanding of Mode’s strategy, successes and growth potential,” Moore said. “As CEO of Mode, my focus will be to execute on the day-to-day strategy, ensure organisational efficiency, attract and develop talent and, most importantly, deliver on our promise of building a disruptive financial services ecosystem enabled by Bitcoin and Open Banking.

“The global fintech sector is fast evolving and Mode is pioneering the development of a truly digitally-native financial services ecosystem,” said Rowland. “Moore is a shareholder of Mode via Tulham LLC, in which he owns 50 per cent of the interests, and the Keve Family Ltd Partnership, in which the Mode says he and/or members of his family have shares.