Crypto ATM Operator Coinflip Integrates Dash Cryptocurrency

Announcements, News | July 17, 2018 By:

Cryptocurrency Dash has teamed with crypto ATM operator Coinflip to increase Dash’s exposure to the North American market.

Dash is the fourteenth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. It features instant transactions, private transactions and a self-funded, self-governed organizational structure. The Dash system relies on a global network of masternodes which vote on proposals for improving its ecosystem.

Funded in 2015, Coinflip operates cryptocurrency ATMs that allow buying and selling of bitcoin, Tron, Omisego, Litecoin, and ethererum all in one terminal. The rate charged at all of our terminals is 6.9% above Coinbase spot price for buys, and 3.5% below for sells. Currently, the company operates 80+ ATMs, with locations in Chicago, greater Illinois, Las Vegas, Charlotte, Nashville, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Houston, Austin, Cleveland, Denver, and Indiana.

The partnership will enable Coinflip to integrate Dash and its InstandSend technology into all of its machines, which would bring the global total of Dash-supporting ATMs to around 418 machines.

“Working with CoinFlip is a key milestone for Dash as this single partnership now means we’ve almost doubled our ATM network overnight within the United States,” said Dash Core Global Head of Business Development Bradley Zastrow. “This is a significant step in working toward achieving mainstream adoption. CoinFlip offers an incredibly intuitive and simple user interface, making it easy for even non tech-savvy individuals to acquire Dash. One of our biggest objectives with Dash is making cryptocurrency accessible to the broader public, and CoinFlip is going to play a major role in advancing that cause.”

To celebrate the partnership, Dash and CoinFlip will host a lottery. Users with CoinFlip accounts will be able to enter the lottery by making a Dash transaction, and can submit additional entries with additional transactions. The top winner every month will receive a $1,000 cash prize, with 10 $100 prizes available as well.

“Since Dash is a commonly-used digital currency for payments and e-commerce and a top 15 coin by market capitalization, Dash was an obvious choice for us to integrate into our 80+ ATMs,” said CoinFlip CEO Daniel Polotsky. “At CoinFlip, we strive to provide the best cash to crypto experience possible, and we hope by partnering with an in-demand cryptocurrency such as Dash, we’ll be able to continue our global expansion to make buying and selling cryptocurrencies easy for anyone, anywhere.”

The partnership comes prior to the H2 2018 release of Dash’s latest project, Dash Evolution, which will allow millions of people across the globe to carry out instant, secure, and near fee-free transactions through a decentralized PayPal or Venmo-like platform.