Crypto Exchange DX.Exchange Partners With AlgoZ To Enhance Liquidity

News | January 4, 2019 By:

Estonia-based crypto trading platform DX.Exchange has selected liquidity solution provider AlgoZ to provide market making services and additional liquidity solutions on its exchange.

DX.Exchange, which is scheduled to start its trading operations on January 7, allows institutions and individuals to purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat, trade cryptocurrencies, and convert crypto back to fiat. The company is using a matching engine from Nasdaq to facilitate trading in tokenized securities from the likes of Amazon, Google, Facebook, Intel and Tesla. The digital stocks will be traded as an ERC-20 token, backed one-to-one by real stocks issued by MPS MarketPlace Securities.

AlgoZ, a Fingenom Group company, offers an innovative holistic approach to provide a multi-layer marketplace for liquidity. Its mission is to become “the A-to-Z solution provider for liquidity in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.”

Under the partnership, AlgoZ will provide liquidity services on all cryptocurrency pairs listed on DX.Exchange, providing institutions and individuals with continuous liquidity on its platform.

“We are honored to have been selected to provide DX.Exchange with our proven market making and liquidity solutions, which will help ensure that DX.Exchange traders are provided with consistent and attractive trade opportunities,” said Nir Dovrat, Co-CEO of AlgoZ. “We see the selection in AlgoZ as a vote of confidence in our services and technology, and looking forward to provide our various liquidity solutions to the DX.Exchange community.”

On the first day of trading, DX.Exchange customers will be able to purchase digital share equivalents using both fiat and cryptocurrencies, with AlgoZ services provided from inception to ensure 24-hours of steady liquidity.

“As we intend on being a leader in the world of cryptocurrency trading, we must ensure our customers receive the best-in-class liquidity solutions,” said Daniel Skowronski, Co-Founder and CEO of DX Exchange. “AlgoZ superior technology and experience in providing liquidity solutions in both traditional and crypto markets, enhance our capabilities and enable us to deliver the high-quality products that our customers demand.”