Crypto Exchange Huobi Global Enables Tether Services In ERC-20 Format

Announcements, News | February 25, 2019 By:

Huobi Global, Huobi Group’s flagship global crypto exchange, has announced that it has opened the ERC-20 protocol of Tether (USDT) deposit and withdrawal.

In an online post, Huobi said that its users will now be able to experience two forms of deposit and withdrawal, including USDT-Omni – the USDT issued that is based on the bitcoin network. USDT-Omni’s deposit address is the BTC address and its deposit and withdrawal use the BTC network. The newly enabled USDT-ERC20 is the USDT issued that is based on the ethereum network. Its deposit address is the ETH address and its deposit and withdrawal use the ETH network.

The exchange reminded its users to read the tips on the deposit page of the coin carefully before making any deposits and avoid the situation that the deposit is less than the minimum amount and cannot be credited.

“Digital assets are innovative investment products, and the prices fluctuate greatly,” the company said. “Please judge your investment ability rationally and make investment decisions prudently.”

Earlier this month, FinCEN-registered Money Service Business HBUS, the US arm of Huobi, launched USD trading pairs on its platform, allowing users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with US Dollars, and trade against bitcoin, ether, and Tether.