Crypto Exchange Kraken Hires Miha Grčar As Head Of Business Development

Job Appointments | December 29, 2020 By:

Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has hired Miha Grčar as head of business development.

Founded in 2011, Kraken is one of the world’s largest and oldest crypto exchanges with the widest selection of digital assets and national currencies. Kraken is the first exchange to display its market data on the Bloomberg Terminal, pass a cryptographically verifiable proof-of-reserves audit, and one of the first to offer leveraged margin trading. Its investors include Blockchain Capital, Digital Currency Group, Hummingbird Ventures, Money Partners Group, and SBI Investment.

For the better part of the last decade, Grčar has helped Bitstamp gain recognition as a licensed financial institution in Europe, experience that will prove integral as he helps Kraken build critical banking relationships and forge new partnerships with essential stakeholders.

Grčar said that he first learned about bitcoin in late 2010 over drinks with Damian Merlak, one of the co-founders of Bitstamp. Since he’s not a technical person, what got his attention was the socio-economic potential of its permissionless design. After he returned from his studies in Athens, Greece, he saw the full effect of central bank policies, and his worldview became ‘all in’ on bitcoin.

Grčar said that he truly believe that Kraken is the OG of the oldest crypto exchanges, adding that Kraken was the only exchange that had the guts, brain and spine to stand up for its clients.

“For instance, it was the only exchange that stood up after [early Bitcoin exchange] Mt. Gox imploded and said we are going to help its creditors. This is the stuff that made me take notice,” Grčar said. “It is an organization that is very mission driven and does what is right for Bitcoin and its clients. This is something I deeply respect.”