Crypto Exchange OKEx Adds Thai Baht Support For C2C Trading

Announcements, News | February 15, 2019 By:

OKEx, the Malta-based digital asset exchange, has launched the customer-to-customer (C2C) fiat-to-token trading service for Thai Baht (THB) on its platform.

OKEx created its C2C trading system in 2017 to allow user to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using fiat with a peer without the need of a centralized trusted third party such as an exchange. The platform processes trading transactions with zero fees.

In addition to Chinese yuan, Vietnamese dong, British Pound and Russian ruble, OKEx’s C2C trading platform now supports Thai Baht, with BTC, USDT, ETH, and LTC trading pairs. To be eligible to buy/sell digital assets with THB, users are required to complete a know your customer (KYC) verification process.

The exchange said that they decided to support THB to fill the high demand in the global markets, and at the same time, fulfill its role of a trailblazer in driving blockchain adoption globally.

OKEx also announced that it had recently hosted a conference in Bangkok, called mindXchange, “to bring industry leaders together to exchange ideas on blockchain technology.” Throughout the mindXchange session, industry talents discussed the importance of raising awareness of blockchain in the community, and shared insight on the latest regulatory development in the Thai crypto space and how to accelerate the ecosystem.