Crypto-Fiat Payment Platform Unveiled By ForumPay

Announcements, News | June 9, 2020 By:

Point-of-sale (POS) solutions provider ForumPay has unveiled its crypto-and-fiat interchangeable payment platform.

The company’s crypto-and-fiat interchangeable payment platform enables consumers to pay in crypto and merchants to receive payments in either crypto or fiat. The platform also allows customers to use any e-wallet or coin with which they choose to pay, without any need for physical contact between merchant and customer.

ForumPay’s mission is to bridge the gap between the fiat and crypto worlds, allowing merchants to tap into an emerging crypto-paying consumer base by enabling interchangeable crypto-fiat payment transfers. Through its crypto-fiat exchange system, ForumPay claims to normalize co-existence between crypto and fiat, opening the opportunity for wider crypto adoption and increasing cryptocurrency acceptability and stability.\

“We are excited to launch ForumPay’s payment platform – offering security, flexibility, and opportunity to both customers and merchants – and enabling them to tap into a growing consumer base,” said ForumPay CEO Joshua Tate. “These kinds of projects also open the door for crypto to see wider adoption, while fostering a payment ecosystem where crypto and fiat can coexist, without the need for one to supplant or outmode the other.”