Crypto Industry Applauds Election Success of Pro-Blockchain Leaders

Blockchain, Investing, News, Regulation | November 7, 2018 By:

Midterm elections saw confirmation of a few leaders who both support regulation of blockchain, and are educated on the use-cases of crypto. These include Jared Polis, the new governor of Colorado, and Dave Schweikert, who was re-elected to Congress representing Arizona. The pair had previously proposed bi-partisan crypto legislation, when Governor Polis was a member of the House.

With an election as contentious as the midterms, it is a good sign for the continued mainstream adoption of crypto that pro-blockchain candidates were able to succeed.

Here are some industry reactions on the election outcome:

Marshall Hayner, CEO of Metal Pay – “I joined the cryptosphere in 2009, when enthusiasts were attempting to use bitcoin to buy pizzas — just to prove its utility. Since then, the conversations surrounding cryptocurrencies have migrated from Internet message boards to Capitol Hill. With elected leaders like Jared Polis and Dave Schweikert, we will begin to see more urgent conversations around the role America can play in the global crypto economy. As crypto continues to go mainstream, it’s important for our elected leaders to build smart regulation early to encourage the industry’s development and maturation.”

Mick Hagen, CEO of Mainframe – “I am excited to have witnessed the confirmations of leaders who actually believe in cryptocurrency — especially Dave Schweikert re-elected into the House to represent Arizona. I have been working closely with leaders in Washington to educate them on the use-cases of crypto and blockchain both, and am thrilled to see the general public supporting these same ideals. As antitrust laws and the conversation around data manipulation by big tech have moved to the forefront of messaging on both sides of the aisle, it’s important for our elected representatives to not only be interested in emerging technologies, but also well-versed enough in them to build smart, effective policies around them.”

Zach Warsavage, North American Strategist for Elastos – “After another grueling election cycle, it is refreshing to see blockchain and cryptocurrencies as one of the real winners in American politics. With Jared Polis becoming the next governor of Colorado, it is clear that bringing crypto to the mainstream can be a winning issue, and I expect to see it as a topic of discussion in the upcoming weeks. I applaud the citizens of Colorado for securing a leader who is both educated on, and cares about, implementing this technology into our society and the much needed regulation of our financial future.”

Eiland Glover, CEO of Kowala – “The recent election was a tough battle for both sides, but the most notable wins were for the individuals who have demonstrated support for cryptocurrency. There is an immediate need to educate and regulate the financial technology, and clearly Jared Polis and Dave Schweikert intend to do just that. With the midterm elections leaving us with a divided Congress, it’s evident that less partisan legislation is likely to be more viable in the upcoming session — meaning the time is ripe for champions of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to lead the charge on proposing and passing sound regulation to help foster the maturation of the industry in America.”