Crypto Investors Excited About the Future of Cryptocurrency

News | October 29, 2021 By:

We are in a crypto bull market that has seen Bitcoin reach an all-time high, with Ethereum surging to new heights as well. This recent push in the crypto scene has old and new crypto investors alike excited about the prospects for the future of cryptocurrency as a whole. However, as with all types of investing, it’s not all about what you make on your investment–it’s about what you actually take home.

In the USA and UE alone crypto investors can end up paying as much as 30-37% tax on their crypto earnings. This massive number scares a lot of new investors away, as they can get much better tax rates on more traditional modes of investment. So, what solutions are available for crypto investors? What shelter is there for those who want to keep more of their crypto earnings?

That is just one problem out of many that the team at GIVE Nation aims to help resolve. GIVE Nation is a global social impact project that takes aim at both financial and socio-economic issues through crypto currency. GIVE Nation encourages investors to donate to their fully tax-deductible, non-profit charity that helps to increase financial literacy for underdeveloped regions–particularly in their children.

However, it is not enough to simply offer financial literacy courses to children and call it a day. The ultimate goal is to offer sustainable solutions that actually educate and excite children about the prospects of financial independence, investment, and long term savings. This is all done through our unique partnership with Gather, the blockchain community.

Holders of GTH can donate directly to GIVE Nation and help grow its various projects–such as our new NFT based Superhero trading card game CAPES. Donations from US based GTH holders, as mentioned above, are fully tax-deductible as GIVE Nation is a non-profit organization. This allows crypto investors to help reduce the amount of taxation they ultimately pay on their investment earnings due to offsetting it with a charitable cause donation.

We all know that crypto experiences many fluctuations between bear and bull markets. But it’s those times–like today– when the bull market helps all of us benefit from the excitement that crypto can generate. However, all of that can feel like a waste when you get slapped with fees, taxes, etc,. Moreover, we don’t always know where those taxes are going. What are they funding, do we approve of how it is being allocated?

Donating GTH to GIVE Nation allows all of us, as a team of crypto lovers and investors, to help bring a brighter future to children across the globe. We can together bring sustainable and forward thinking financial literacy to the next generation, and help protect the future of crypto currency. Whether it be Bitcoin or Alt-coins, we believe in the future of crypto currency as well as the future of our children.

That is the heart and soul of GIVE Nation, and how it can help our society as well as crypto currency in general grow into a brighter tomorrow.