Crypto Loan Provider DBL Digital Selects Kingdom Trust As Lead Custodian

News | October 3, 2019 By:

US-based custodial firm Kingdom Trust has announced their new partnership with digital asset lending, borrowing and investment management company, DrawBridge Lending d/b/a DBL Digital.

Kingdom Trust is a state-regulated public trust company. For nearly a decade, the firm has assisted clients with regulatory compliance by serving as a qualified custodian and specializing in a variety of asset classes. The firm claims to be the first regulated financial institution to offer qualified custody for digital asset investments. It provides custody services for over 30 different assets, including bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Ripple, ZCash and Stellar Lumens.

DBL Digital initiates USD loans secured by crypto assets. DBL is a licensed lender and is able to provide commercial loans in 49 states and Washington DC. In addition, the company is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) and Commodity Pool Operator (CPO) with the NFA. DrawBridge Lending uses both a qualified and insured custodian and advanced risk management strategies to protect borrower assets and lender capital.

The partnership will feature Kingdom Trust serving as the lead custodian for the DBL Digital Series Fund, with DBL Digital providing investment management services on behalf of Kingdom Trust clients. The partnership aims to unlock more value for crypto holders looking to monetize their investment while their coins remain in cold storage custody. The product line also will attract new clients to Kingdom Trust seeking yield on custodied bitcoin.

“We are very honored that DBL Digital chose us to serve as the leading custodian for their clients, bringing our expertise and a decade of experience as an established custodian to their investors,” said Karen Wendel, Kingdom Trust’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Providing premium service to clients and keeping their assets safe is what we do at Kingdom Trust and working with DBL Digital on this new initiative is a great opportunity to continue introducing new investors to the work our team does in this space.”

To be eligible to invest in the DBL Digital Series Fund, investors will have to be eligible contract participants (ECPs), which means they have a net worth of at least $1,000,000. The minimum investment in tfund will be $1,000,000, which can be met with the aggregation of multiple investors.

“The series fund is organized as a Delaware LLC and each investor can be a “pool of one” with their own EIN number, administered and audited by experienced industry firms,” said DrawBridge Lending co-founder, President & Chairman of the Board, Thomas Anderson. “We built the fund to attract the high-end investor and commercial user that depend on their digital asset storage at a qualified custodian. This marks an exciting new phase for DBL Digital as we embark on deploying our fund and work with Kingdom Trust to ensure the safe custody of our customers’ investments. Kingdom Trust has been a great commercial partner and we are very happy they are the lead custodian as we go through our launch.”