Crypto Markets Are Up, As Optimism Abounds Heading Into New Year

Investing, News | December 23, 2018 By:

The crypto markets crept upward this morning in early trading, as yesterday’s down market gave way to some optimism, particularly among ethereum holders.

Bitcoin held at the $3,900 mark, up more than two percent on very heavy volume. The crawl back from the $3,100 level stalled a little bit over the last 48 hours, but it appears some end-of-year optimism is kicking in, particularly as stock holders may be liquidating and seeking shelters.

The dormant ether was up to $127 in early trading, up more than 13 percent. What’s fueling it? Some are citing the end of short contracts. Others believe some propping up is occurring among its major stakeholders. Ether remains in a bear market and has a long way to go back toward its high, but for now, its recovery is welcome.

The rest of the top ten coins were all up in ranges of three to eight percent on the morning.