Crypto Markets Continue To Slide, But Ripple XRP Gets Canada Boost

Investing, News | August 1, 2018 By:

The cryptocurrency markets continued Tuesday’s downturn today, as most of the top ten coins were in the red by two to three percent.

At mid-morning, bitcoin sat at the $7,500 mark, down more than two percent and about $800 shy of last week’s high water mark. The steep drop-off began over the weekend after several days of inaction, as higher volume seemed to indicate an investor wake-up. Volume was down slightly today, although still trending relatively higher than normal.

In the top ten coins Ripple’s XRP was the only outlier, gaining close to three percent on news that Canadian exchange Coinsquare was listing XRP on its beta trading platform. Coinsquare is allowing purchases of XRP tokens using fiat currencies, and can be exchanged for fiat or other cryptocurrencies on the same platform. Withdrawals are currently not allowed.