Crypto Markets Edge Upward, But Remain In Narrow Range

Investing, News | November 12, 2018 By:

This is a momentous week for the crypto community, with Bitcoin Cash facing a Nov. 15 hard fork that will split it into two coins. So it is that the investor community is largely moving sideways in the early going, as uncertainty makes for hodling.

In early trading, bitcoin held at the $6,300 level on moderate trading volume, about where it’s been for the last few days. That represented a gain of a few tenths. Ether also edged along, up to $211, while Bitcoin Cash was absolutely flat, showing no movement at all and holding at $525.

The early outlier was Ripple XRP, which just announced a strong third quarter amid news that Japan’s largest bank is about to implement Ripple technology. Ripple XRP was up close to four percent as the news hit.

EOS and Cardano were also trading up in the early going.