Crypto Markets In Recovery Mode, Showing Strong Gains All Around

Investing, News | November 28, 2018 By:

The crypto markets came roaring back this morning, shaking off dire predictions and the SEC’s gloomy outlook to show strong gains among the top ten coins.

In early trading, bitcoin was back over the magic $4,000 level, sitting at $4,100 after gains of more than 11% over the last 24 hours. Trading volume was extremely heavy, and the activity had a galvanizing effect on the rest of the markets.

The Bitcoin Cash hard fork now appears to have a winner, and even though prices have a long way to rebound, investor confidence appears to be back. Ether was back up to $116 after flirting with going below three figures, while Bitcoin Cash itself was back up to $186.

Stellar, Liteoin and Monero were all double digit gainers in early trading, while Bitcoin SV, although trailing its Bitcoin ABC counterpart in the hearts and minds column, is still hanging in and gaining followers.