Crypto Markets Party On With A Strong Green Arrow Day

Investing, News | September 13, 2018 By:

The cryptocurrency markets woke up today, as a resurgent top ten had its best 24 hours in weeks.At mid-morning, bitcoin was up to the $6,500 level, a gain of more than three percent on moderate volume.

But that wasn’t the biggest news – ether came roaring back, gaining more than 16% just as it appeared to be falling off the cliff. Ether breached the magic $200 level after falling as low as the $170s, a remarkable comeback in short order. Whether that momentum can be sustained is the big question, but for now, it temporarily stays the doom that engulfed the market.

Elsewhere, robust gains abounded, ranging from six percent to as high as 12% for Monero, which has crept back into the top ten coins list on the strength of a recent positive outlook report. Even Litecoin, which has looked dead for the last month, joined the party, as it climbed more than 10% on news that the Bittrex exchange will allow trading in USD with the coin.