Crypto Merchant Bank DAG Global Hires Tim Davies As Chief Risk Officer

Job Appointments | March 23, 2020 By:

Digital asset merchant bank DAG Global has hired Tim Davies as its new Chief Risk Officer (CRO).

Established in 2018, DAG Global is known in the industry as the first fully integrated financial service group which acts as a bridge between traditional fiat currency banking and trading activities with emerging digital assets and cryptocurrencies. It provides banking services and solutions for FinTechs, SMEs, digital asset businesses and facilitate an entry into the emerging blockchain economy for existing regulated financial services firms. They service client requirements for lending and funding through our own bank and via a peer-to-peer platform, curating independently valued deals with the objective to build an investment ecosystem. DAG Global has recently been in active dialogue with the Prudential Regulatory Authority (PRA) in order to obtain its UK banking license.

Davies is a banking industry veteran and is bringing more than three decades of experience to DAG Global. He is an expert in risk management operations and has served in senior-level leadership and management teams of leading financial service providers such as Rothschild, Midland Bank, Deloitte, Lloyds TSB and ICAP. Davies also holds a successful track record in Credit and Operational Risk Management combined which he achieved owing to his strong regulatory knowledge and deep understanding of working mechanism behind derivatives, fixed income, FX, commodities, and collateralized instruments. He is also a well known and recognized participant in numerous industry conferences and has published many papers related to his field.

Sean Kiernan, chief executive of DAG Global, said that the recruitment of Davies is an important step for DAG Global as they build out what they hope will be the UK’s first merchant bank for the digital economy.

“We are progressing well with our UK banking licence application and look forward to being able to bring high touch, responsive banking to a fast-growing and critically underserved digital market,” Kiernan said.