Crypto Prices Continue Down, As Bitcoin Cash Causing Chaos

Blockchain, Investing, News | November 20, 2018 By:

The cryptocurrency meltdown continued this morning, as the November panic dragged prices down across the board.

Bitcoin was hard hit, dropping nearly 8% and now at $4,700 on huge trading volume. Capitulation seems to be the watchword of the day for many investors, and now the question is whether the floor is in site. The US stock market is also in freefall, making for an interesting confluence of misery between the traditional and upstart value conveyances.

Also getting hammered were XRP (down more than 8%), ether (now at $143, a 7% drop) and Stellar, down 9%. EOS and Litecoin were down, but by comparison, their nearly 5% drops don’t look quite as bad as the others.

Bitcoin Cash holders have finally awakened, dropping it close to 30% as cries of market manipulation and malfeasance fill the air. There is chaos at exchanges in the wake of its hard fork, with sides being chosen and miles to go before a settling point is reached.