Crypto-Related Website Ban Overturned By Russian Court

News | June 5, 2018 By:

A district court’s previous decision to block cryptocurrency media site has been overturned by the city court of St. Petersburg, Russia.

In 2016, the Vyborgsky district court of St. Petersburg granted the application of the Prosecution Office and blocked the website. The court considered the case in the absence of the site owners. At the time, the court claimed that cryptocurrencies are “a means of virtual payment and accumulation,” and therefore, the provision of related information is illegal because it undermines the country’s sole legal currency – the ruble.

Following the ban, Nikolai Tonkoshkurov, the owner of the website, attempted to appeal the ruling despite missing the window, but the St. Petersburg city court chose not to review it. Tonkoshkurov then referred the case to the Supreme Court in Moscow. In April of this year, the Supreme Court overturned the city court’s decision and ordered it to review the case.

After reviewing the case, the St. Petersburg city court overturned the Vyborgsky district court’s decision that “recognized the information placed on the website as prohibited for viewing.”

In February of this year, the St. Petersburg city court annulled a trial court’s previous decision to ban 40 crypto-related websites in the country. The ban was initiated because the websites were supposedly “spreading information” about cryptocurrency that “is not backed by any real asset and does not provide information about its owners.”