Crypto Solutions Provider Kirobo Announces $1 billion Processed Via Its Undo Button

Announcements, News | July 15, 2021 By:

Cryptocurrency solutions provider Kirobo has announced an impressive milestone of $1 billion worth of cryptocurrency processed through its Undo Button mechanism.

We’ve all heard or experienced a crypto horror story, whether it’s entering the wrong recipient address, losing private keys, or the unfortunate situation of not being able to pass assets to loved ones. Kirobo’s ‘Undo’ button reportedly eliminates all of these risks by providing a unique transaction code that must be entered by the recipient in order to receive funds from the sender. If the recipient provides the right code, the transfer is finalized. Additionally, the sender can cancel and retrieve the transaction until the right code is provided from the recipient. The entire spectrum of crypto users, from entry-level to the most seasoned of traders can easily and seamlessly utilize this new feature.

According to Kirobo, its Undo Button mechanism processed $1 billion worth of crypto transfers. In addition, approximately 200 transactions were successfully retrieved, which means the mechanism saved its users around $6 million worth of cryptocurrency that would otherwise have been lost forever.

“We are very proud, but not at all surprised, to witness such a rapid rate of adoption. The ecosystem was gasping for a way to make transactions safe and easy, and our Undo Button provides this in a foolproof manner,” said Asaf Naim, Kirobo CEO. “I’d also point out that of the $1 billion, $61 million was processed in only one day, demonstrating how scalable we are – this solution is going to change the way people interact with cryptocurrency worldwide.”