Crypto-To-Crypto OTC Trading Desk Launched By Binance

Announcements, News | January 24, 2019 By:

Crypto exchange Binance has opened a crypto-to-crypto over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk to allow its users to trade larger amounts of cryptocurrencies.

Binance, which provides a platform for trading more than 80 cryptocurrencies, said in an online post that its crypto-to-crypto OTC trading desk will offer a number of advantages, including the ability to trade large quantities of cryptocurrencies in a single trade and save time by clearing the trades at one price.

“Our OTC desk allows Binance users to trade larger amounts of many cryptocurrencies listed on the exchange, with transactions being settled via their Binance accounts,” the company said. “We specialize in crypto-to-crypto trades, across more than 80 cryptocurrencies listed on Binance. We constantly endeavor to offer quick pricing for your OTC trades, with simple and quick settlement processes.”

To start using the Binance OTC trading desk, users would have to fulfill two requirements – a Binance Level 2 (verified) account or above and a trade order worth at least 20 BTC.