Crypto Wealth Manager Launched By Investment Platform B21

Announcements, News | June 15, 2018 By:

Mobile-focused investment platform B21 has launched its personal wealth manager exclusively for cryptocurrencies. The app is available in both iOS and Android.

B21’s personal wealth manager allows users to build a portfolio of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, ethereum, EOS and many others to be determined by users’ votes. The app lets users set goals, contribute funds, and track progress. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the wealth manager provides tailored investment advice to users based on in-depth research into individual tokens. The platform will also offer additional personalized portfolio services for high-net-worth clients.

“Responsible participation in the crypto markets currently requires users to manage their private keys and hardware wallets, while jumping through hoops to meet know your customer (KYC) and banking regulations,” said Miles Paschini, Co-Founder of B21. “Market research shows that consumers want to invest straight from their devices in alternative asset classes, while maintaining the trust that their investments are held safely.”

B21 will be issuing a token with a private pre-sale beginning this month. The token will be used as the only form of settlement between the B21 platform and users within the B21 ecosystem. The tokens will be used to settle fees, to incentivize and reward referrals to the platform.

B21 said that it has applied for a custodial license to comply with governmental regulations covering protection of customer assets, segregation of customer and company funds, maintaining robust and accurate transaction records, and cold storage of customer funds. The custodial license will allow the company to eliminate the need for people to hold their own private keys. It added that the company’s full transparency data will be published on the EOS blockchain.

In addition, B21 also announced a community app that will mirror the company’s vision and missions of simplifying the crypto-asset investing process. The app will help to educate the mass market about what cryptocurrencies are, about the technology behind them and the investment process.

“Although there is an abundance of news articles, blogs, tutorials and YouTube videos circulating the web on a daily basis about the crypto industry, it can be difficult to know where to start,” the company said. “What with the over complex explanations, controversial opinions, negative reviews, and the ever trending ‘fake news’, it’s no wonder that people are left feeling overwhelmed when it comes to the crypto space. Our community app will address all of this and much more.”