Cryptocurrency Mockumentary ‘KevCoin’ Spoofs The World Of Film Fundraising

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KevCoin: The Movie is a UK documentary spoof in the style of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat, with real members of the public playing themselves. Shot over 35 days, the film is built around KevCoin, a cryptocurrency that actually exists and sits on the ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token. The film mixes reality, fantasy and comedy set-ups, to create an insane trip into the mind and ambitions of Kevin Powder as he attempts to kick-start his trillion-dollar film project. He is not sure how to create a trillion dollar, token but that won’t stop him trying. He figures there are so many chancers out there in the crypto world that he actually has a chance.

The comedic caper follows Jason Attar’s rock star ‘fixer’ character Kevin Powder, as he works his way around Peckham. He co-opts real local residents into his scheme to make a sci-fi film, paid for with his own cryptocurrency, the KevCoin.

KevCoin: The Movie is now available for digital download.  You can find out more at

Jason Attar talked with Block Tribune about the film.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: I understand from your background that you’ve been into cryptocurrency for a while. Tell me a little bit about that.

JASON ATTAR: Yes. The first time was in 2014 and I read a very small article about it. Then, I bought some bitcoin from a rather young chap, an 18 year old, Liverpool Street Station in London. I paid cash for it and I didn’t know what I was getting. Then, I got some bitcoin. Then, obviously, I read more about it and then I went to some pre-ICO ethereum meetups. I knew that ethereum was not only very interesting, but potentially very useful in the future. 

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Do you come from a technological background? What interested you about this?

JASON ATTAR: I come primarily from a creative background, but I think I’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit. I’m always thinking about how I can potentially make my creative endeavors work financially. Yeah, it’s a little bit of a mix really. No, I have no sort of programming experience or anything like that really.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Did you buy enough bitcoin that you were dancing in the streets when it was $20,000 per coin?

JASON ATTAR: I was relatively lucky with ethereum, because I did buy at the ICO. That seems to have done very well. Obviously there’s been a massive blip lately, but I’m just intending to hold and to hopefully understand more in the future. Also, I actually have a shared interest in a small Ethereum mine. That, again, has been very interesting from a technological point of view just to understand what it does and what service it kind of provides to the community, so yeah.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Tell me about the genesis of the idea for doing your story. Obviously, since you’ve been immersed in the community, you know pretty much what’s going on. Where did you come up with idea for the film?

JASON ATTAR: Yeah. We originally made a feature film in 2013 that had a lot of success in terms of being rated very highly, winning awards. I think it’s safe to say it was a very good film, but it didn’t sell. The reason it didn’t sell is because independent film, the track record for making your money back is an absolute disaster zone. If you’re a filmmaker and you want to make films, then you have to try and find a way of potentially getting to an audience.

We decided to go again with a similar character, or exactly the same character, but try and immerse the character in the world of cryptocurrency. The character decides to create his own currency, which is called KevCoin, and to use that currency to try and propagate his rather grandiose plans to … We like the comedy angle of the character wanting to make a trillion dollar currency or token. Within that space, there’s quite a lot of license to actually come up with some interesting ideas.

He makes his own currency. Then, we go out and we work real people on the street and he wants to propagate his currency, almost in the traditional sense but in an unconventional way. We find real people. In the docu-spoof … It’s a kind of hybrid. I mean it is kind of a real documentary because the people are real, but the story is Kevin’s story. The story is fundamentally fictional but involves real people. He decides to make a sci-fi short film and pay members of the public with that cryptocurrency. Obviously lots of comedic situations occur from that.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Now, you went and created an actual token to go along with this film. Why did you do this?

JASON ATTAR: I’ve got some, hopefully, some future endeavors with this particular token to push it forward. As I said, the whole independent film scene is not a healthy financial space. I actually think that there’s quite a sweet spot with independent film, in terms of being able to reach an audience. You’ll never get to a distributor, they just won’t touch it. It’s too risky for them.

I think as a way of socially propagating independent film content, and so the first stage was to make this film, to actually use the currency. Then, through our self-perpetuated distribution model, we’re actually going to get the film out there. Anyone that buys the film will also get some of the currency.

Then, we’ve got this second stage which is to go, “Okay. We’ve got some quite interesting ideas about how we can socially reach members of the public.” We think that we might be able to do that with a new website that actually allows the filmmaker to offer out certain creative decisions along the filmmaking process.

If you do that with members of the public, some quite interesting things happen. They become almost advocates for your content. Then, via them becoming advocates, they want to talk about it socially. We’ve got some interesting concepts around that. Depending on how well this does, we’d like to see if we can experiment with some further possibly similar budget film projects and maybe higher budget film projects, depending on how successful we are.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Have you set up that website yet, the URL at least?

JASON ATTAR: No. What we have done is we’ve done … I took a sabbatical from the company that I currently run, which is a video marketing company. We’ve written, I suppose what you’d say is, a white paper. A very good partner has got involved with that and it’s a very, very robust document. It actually has a look at quite a lot of numbers around film production and also reaching out socially and having a look at those metrics.

At the end of that process, which was really pretty intense over six months, we have nearly a 200 page document that is really quite interesting. We went out for some VC people and they said, “Yeah. It looks good.” They also asked the same question as you which is, “Okay, well then let’s have a look at some metrics or the website.” I think that via our distribution plan with this, I think I’m going to be able to pull some of those metrics out and actually say, “Okay. These are things that we were thinking about. Let’s have a look at the results, then see if we can move on.”

I’ve noticed, if you don’t mind me carrying on, I’ve noticed that there’s a few movie coins, but the area of the market that they’re looking at is much, much bigger, almost traditional film budget markets. The fact of the matter is that there’s a hell of a lot of people making lower budget films. Now, let’s be honest, a lot of that stuff is not going to be great quality. In amongst that stuff, there are actually some very good filmmakers out there that are not reaching an audience. Those are the kind of people that we want to tap into.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: All right. You’ve had your film debut for KevCoin so far?

JASON ATTAR: It’s going to be on Wednesday June 27th.


JASON ATTAR: From today, that’s tomorrow night. We have hired a really nice space in Soho in London to premier it. Then, we go live on the 28th of June with our bespoke website where people can download the film, get KevCoin and also buy some merchandise as well. Then, that campaign is probably going to be … The intensive part is probably going to be about three months.

Now, as I said, with independent film, budgets are relatively low. We’ve been quite keen on this budget to keep it as low as possible, so the threshold to move it into profit is relatively low. If we can get it near to profit, I think people should probably take notice and go, “Well that’s a really interesting concept. What are you thinking of doing next?”

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Do you have any plans beyond online distribution for it? Are you going to do any special showcases in other cities?

JASON ATTAR: The way that I’ve been advertising primarily, Facebook is still a very good tool to define your audience. We’re looking purely, initially, at the cryptocurrency audience. We sort of feel that they’ve been underserved in terms of entertaining content. The initial reactions have been bang on my estimates in terms of the amounts of likes and the amount of engagement.

The second part, middle part of the sales process will be focusing in on cities, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York and some big cities in Europe, Berlin and London and Paris possibly. Via our direct advertising to them, depending on the pick up and the interest, we could then do some screenings with the character going out to various different places.

Watch the trailer: