Cryptocurrency Platform Uphold Integrates Dash

Announcements, Now Accepting | December 7, 2017 By:

Dash, the sixth-largest digital currency, has been integrated into cryptocurrency platform Uphold.

Uphold, formerly Bitreserve, is a cloud-based financial services platform enabling users to convert deposits to their account via bank account, credit card, and cryptocurrencies into reserve-backed currencies and commodities, allowing anyone with a device to send, receive, and exchange money and commodities. Uphold claims to have facilitated over $2 billion USD in transactions since its inception in 2015.

The integration would enable 94 percent of the global population to buy and hold Dash online or on its mobile device. Uphold also plans to add support for Dash’s InstantSend feature soon. InstantSend is an optional feature that’s native to the Dash protocol. Users who send Dash using InstantSend have their transactions fully confirmed in just a few seconds, rather than minutes or hours.

“Uphold adds to the Dash ecosystem the fastest and easiest method yet for everyday consumers to acquire Dash,” said Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor. “Dash already has many of the world’s largest digital currency exchanges integrated, but exchanges are generally intimidating for average users unaccustomed to trading. Uphold makes transactions much simpler than an exchange, and it supports users from most geographies. All of this means that another great option is available to consumers around the world at unmatched speed and remarkably low cost.”

“We were eager to add Dash primarily due to the increased adoption and of real-world use cases,” said Uphold Head of Global Business Development Colin Luce. “The organizational structure of Dash, with masternodes and proposals and the Core Group, is a recipe for long-term success, especially at a time where the vast majority of the top one-hundred blockchains and currencies are still primarily speculative.”