Cryptography Library For Blockchain Developers Announced By Hyperledger

Blockchain | December 5, 2018 By:

Blockchain consortium Hyperledger has announced a new shared cryptographic library that would enable individuals and other blockchain projects to avoid duplicating other cryptographic work.

Called Hyperledger Ursa, the shared cryptography library is the latest project to be accepted by the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee. Its objective is to make it much safer and easier for our distributed ledger projects to use existing, time tested, and trusted cryptographic libraries but also new cryptographic library implementations being developed.

“As Hyperledger has matured, the individual projects within Hyperledger have started to find a need for sophisticated cryptographic implementations,” Hyperledger said. Rather than have each project implement its own cryptographic protocols, it is much better to collaborate on a shared library.”

Currently, Hyperledger Ursa has two sub-projects. The first one is the base crypto library, which has the implementation of several different signature schemes with a common API that allows for blockchain builders to change signature schemes almost on-the-fly. The second sub-project is Z-mix, which provides a single flexible and secure implementation to construct zero-knowledge proofs that prove statements about multiple cryptographic building blocks.

Ursa will be written mostly in Rust, but it will also have interfaces in all of the different languages that are commonly used throughout Hyperledger.

Ursa currently includes developers who work on the security aspects of Hyperledger Indy, Sawtooth, and Fabric, as well as several cryptographers with an academic background in theoretical cryptography to ensure that all cryptographic algorithms meet the desired levels of security.

“Our goal in creating Ursa is to combine the efforts of all the security and cryptography experts in the Hyperledger community and move all of the projects forward,” Hyperledger said.