Cypher Odin To Revive Philippines’ Pasig River Using Blockchain Technology

Blockchain, News | September 24, 2018 By:

The Philippines’ Pasig River Rehabilitation Council (PRRC) has teamed with tech startup Cypher Odin to rehabilitate the 25-kilometer long river using blockchain technology.

The Pasig River (Ilog Pasig) is a river that connects Laguna de Bay to Manila Bay. It used to be an important transport route and source of water for Spanish Manila. However, due to negligence and industrial development, Ilog Pasig has become very polluted and is considered biologically dead (i.e., unable to sustain life) by ecologists. In a June 2017 report, the Pasig River was ranked eighth in the top 20 polluting rivers as predicted by the global river plastic inputs model. The study said the river dumps up to 63,700 tons of plastic into the ocean each year.

Efforts to revive the river began in December 1989 with the help of Danish authorities. In the early 90’s, the PRRC introduced the Piso para sa Pasig (A peso for Pasig) campaign. Now, the council is hoping to use blockchain technology to bring the river back to its former glory.

The PRRC’s partnership with Cypher Odin will allow them to employ blockchain and install Internet of Things (IoT) devices along the river to monitor water quality or tide levels and other relevant data to track and monitor their progress in real time. Cypher Odin CEO Mariano Villafuerte IV said the data would help them determine a course of action.

“We will collect all the data we gather from these IoT [devices] and process them so we will have comprehensive information on where the plastics and garbage are coming from, how they are moving, among others,” Villafuerte said. “This would allow us to analyze and come up with recommendations on how to best clean up the rivers of this debris.”

Cypher Odin will also launch the BOTcoin cryptocurrency to reward communities and companies along the river to help in the cleanup.

“This intitiative will be funded by cryptocurrency,” Villafuerte said. “Through BOTcoin, we plan on following a Smart City approach which will create even smarter citizens. The Smart River Initiative will put the Philippines on the forefront of creating solutions and POC’s for Smart Islands and Smart Cities. This pilot program will be a framework for solutions to problems in waste management, afforestation, clean water, marine transport and don’ forget about retrieving lost remnants of our culture.”

Villafuerte said the dream is to see Ilog Pasig bustling with activity far exceeding anyone’s expectations.

“There are so many opportunities in this river,” Villafuerte said. “Thinking about Pasig River, you would never even imagine that jumping in the water with your mouth open is a possibility- but it can be a reality. Just like how the River Thames in the UK was recovered from being dead, now they have dolphins, turtles and fish. France did an excellent job with the River Seine and also in South Korea in the Cheonggyecheon River. It is possible to have a new Pasig River. A river that can rival the beauty of similar areas in Hong Kong or Singapore – built around the story of a comeback. That’s good news that can inspire a nation.”