DApp Builder RIF Labs Names Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar As CEO

Job Appointments | November 21, 2018 By:

RIF Labs has created a suite of open and decentralized infrastructure protocols that enable scalable development of distributed blockchain applications (DApps) within a unified environment.

The company has also named Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar as its new RIF Labs CEO.

“Bitcoin set the foundation for the construction of a new Internet for the transfer of value,” said Zaldivar. “Both the RSK Smart Contract Network and RIF OS were created as a means to move this vision further with the hopes that this new Internet of Value will foster prosperity and equality around the world.”

RIF OS (Root Infrastructure Framework Open Standard) enables broad interoperability and faster time to deployment, bridging the gap between blockchain technologies and their mass-market adoption. RIF OS implementations, combined with the RSK Smart Contract Network (RSKSmart), will bring the ‘Internet of Value’ and its potential to enable financial equality and prosperity around the world a step closer to realization.

RIF Labs chose to build its implementations of the RIF OS Protocols on top of the RSK Smart Contract Network because of its unique position as the first open-source smart contract platform secured by the Bitcoin Network. All RIF OS implementations will accept the RIF Token as payment, while smart contracts on RSKSmart will continue to be fueled by smartBitcoins (RBTC). Additionally, RIF OS provides easy-to-use interfaces that both traditional and blockchain developers can use to integrate decentralized infrastructure into their solutions.

RSK Name Service, the first implementation of the RIF Directory protocol, is available at launch. Other protocols will include off-chain payments, data storage, data feeds, and secure communications.

In a related announcement, RIF Labs has signed an agreement to acquire RSK Labs and such transaction was approved by the Board of Directors of both companies. With this acquisition, RIF Labs will take the lead on the development and community support to both the RSK Smart Contract Network and the RIF OS Protocols.