DAV Foundation Taps Four Ethereum Pioneers For Blockchain Vehicle Project

Job Appointments | September 24, 2018 By:

DAV Foundation, the blockchain start-up building a decentralized global network for autonomous vehicles, has hired four former Ethereum Foundation members.

Dr. Greg Colvin, Nick Johnson, Tung Chan and John Frazer will Join the DAV Foundation in its bid drive the world of autonomous vehicles using blockchain technology.

The DAV Foundation is the force behind a decentralized network of vehicles, services and people – on the road, in the air and on the water. The DAV Network provides the infrastructure that allows these elements to discover, communicate, and transact with each other using blockchain technology.

“The collective talent we have on board here just speaks for itself,” said Noam Copel, founder and CEO of the DAV Foundation. “But more than that, it’s exhilarating to see that these professionals in the ethereum space share our passion for the future of transportation. We now have the right people in place to take the DAV Network that much further. It’s so exciting to see what we can now achieve.”

Greg Colvin, from his position as a core developer of ethereum, brings a great wealth of expertise in smart contracts. These contracts are an essential part of the network, as they allow to track the transactions, be they delivery orders, automated drone charging exchanges or payments. Colvin is DAV’s technology advisor.

Nick Johnson, creator and chief developer of the Ethereum Name Service and former senior software engineer of Google, is responsible for building distributed and decentralized systems and solving problems related to robustness and scalability. This is vital to the open-source nature of the DAV network, which is designed to integrate multitudes of disparate technologies and systems into a cohesive whole. Johnson is DAV’s blockchain advisor.

Tung Chan is the former general counsel for the Ethereum Foundation and served as securities commissioner for the state of Hawaii for over 8 years. Chan is a senior attorney with deep experience in regulatory, corporate and finance matters. Her background in aviation regulation plays a key part in her role as DAV’s General Counsel.

John Frazer, former external relations lead for the Ethereum Foundation and ex-senior member of the Devcon3 team completes the ethereum team as DAV’s chief communications officer.

Colvin, Johnson, Chan and Frazer join other senior executives from the likes of SAP, UPS, Equinix, IBM, Cisco and two former NASA space astronauts.