Deadfellaz Blue Chip NFT Brand Holding Strong Through Slow NFT Market

Blockchain, News | July 21, 2022 By:

The great NFTs rush may be over but Deadfellaz, blue chip NFT project, continues to pave the way for innovation and creativity in web 3. With a recent partnership announcement with the United Talent Agency, Deadfellaz has expanded into other mediums, including brand partnerships, merchandising, gaming, and live events.

Partnerships with UnicornDao, Ledger, Giuseppe Zanotti, DraftKings, and Scab Shot Tattoo showcase how dynamic, inclusive, and ambitious the Deadfellaz team is and the achievements that their community endeavors have met as well as the success that co-founders Betty and Psych envision for their brand.

  • Deadfellaz is a collection of 10,000 undead NFTs. Helmed by creators “Betty” and “Psych,” the collection has become one of the most notable projects in Web3. The collection features over 300 randomly generated traits and attributes including mouth, eyes, head, and body grades. Much of the project’s popularity stems from the team’s activity and pursuit of ambitious milestones, as well as a variety of celebrity DeadFellaz holders including Steve Aoki, Pussy Riot, Reese Witherspoon, Alexis Ohanian and more.

During NFT.NYC, the Deadfellaz team was heavily involved in the ancillary events happening around New York City. Betty had the opportunity to speak on a panel during Ledger Op3n exploring brand building in web3 and their premier event Welcome to the Deadzone highlighted their partnerships with BlockBar and Scab Shot Tattoo featuring live performances by various web 3 artists and headliner Princess Nokia. The event was one of the highlights of the week and all in attendance were amazed by the experimental activation that Deadfellaz was able to produce.