Decentralized App Store Announced By Blockstack

Announcements, Blockchain | May 17, 2018 By:

New York-based decentralized web developer Blockstack has launched its universal Dapp Store with over 150 decentralized applications.

Blockstack is a new Internet for decentralized apps that users access through the Blockstack browser. Blockstack is both an open source project and a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC). The mission of Blockstack PBC is to enable an open, decentralized Internet. Blockstack PBC is committed to always keep the core Blockstack software open-source, and to support the decentralization of the Blockstack network.

The new Dapp Store is a discovery tool for decentralized apps built on Blockstack, ethereum, EOS, IPFS, Steem, and more. It currently serves as an aggregator of usable dapps for gaming, social networking, productivity, and financial services. The store is aimed at bridging the gap between decentralized app developers and potential users.

“Currently, dapps are accessed through a myriad of different channels, creating a bottleneck for people wanting to seamlessly discover the best of what the decentralized Internet has to offer,” Blockstack said. “The Dapp Store not only addresses the discoverability problem for users, but facilitates a way for developers to feature their dapps in one place. Similar to how developers know they must submit apps to Appleā€™s App Store to catalyze usage, developers in the decentralized world need a common and standardized submission process.”

The Dapp Store features decentralized counterparts to many popular apps, such as DTube for YouTube, Peepeth for Twitter, Graphite for Google Docs, and Stealthy for WhatsApp. Blockstack PBC will initially curate and maintain the Dapp Store, but it will eventually include user ratings to rank dapps across the ecosystem. The company said they want to democratize dapp development, and reward developers for great user experiences.

Blockstack co-founder Ryan Shea said the Dapp Store will be free for developers, and that the company sees “this as a critical moment for decentralized application development and discovery.”

“We strongly believe that projects across the decentralized community need to join together and familiarize users with this new online experience,” Shea said. “Consumer education across the board will lift up every project and dapp, showcasing what Internet freedom and user choice can truly look like. Together, we can show users that there are better alternatives to a small number of powerful corporations that exist to benefit from their data.”