Digital Wealth Management Platform For Crypto Investors Launched By Brave New Coin

News | May 21, 2020 By:

Digital asset data company Brave New Coin (BNC) has launched a low-cost digital wealth management platform for cryptocurrency investors.

Founded in 2014, BNC is a data and research firm focused on the blockchain and crypto industry. It provides data, analysis and research to a global network of market participants. The company supplies spot-pricing, index solutions, research and news both aggregate and proprietary, via partners such as Amazon Alexa, Dow Jones Factiva, NASDAQ, Refinitv, RapidAPI and dozens more.

Called BNC Pro, the new digital wealth management platform uses Brave New Coin’s insights, the same data used by NASDAQ and Dow Jones Factiva, to help investors and traders manage their portfolios, track trading pairs, generate investment opportunities and more. BNC Pro tracks thousands of assets and trading pairs in real time, integrating with more than 20 exchanges and syncing with users’ accounts. Its portfolio manager provides an accurate view of profits and losses at a single glance, and allows users to generate custom reports to compare and assess their holdings.

“Investors at every level have been flowing into this asset class, and they’ve been forced to rely on a dozen different startup platforms to manage their portfolios,” said Fran Strajnar, CEO and Founder of Brave New Coin. “We felt this was a very obvious gap in the market, and one that Brave New Coin was uniquely positioned to address.”

BNC Pro, which can also be easily deployed across enterprise teams with a built-in billing management solution, also features a screener tool with 60+ data points to generate investment opportunities objectively and accurately, giving investors the tools to customize their strategies. The platform’s Newsfeed tracks events and sentiment across 5,000 digital assets in real time, with customizable alerts and watchlists.

“With BNC Pro, we wanted to deliver a cohesive platform where investors can do their research, consume industry-wide news, automate their reporting, and execute trades and rebalances at the click of a button,” said Rory Manchee, Director of Business Development at Brave New Coin.