E-Coin launches bitcoin debit card affiliate program

FinTech | August 31, 2015 By:

E-coin announced the launch of its Bitcoin debit card affiliate program, bridging the gap between the traditional financial institutions and Bitcoin.

E-coin allows Bitcoin users to store Bitcoin safely with its multi-sig wallet service, as well loading Bitcoin onto debit cards that can be used at any POS terminal that accepts VISA cards in USD, EUR, and GBP.

E-Coin, like any wallet, it can receive, store and send bitcoin. Most people won’t be using it as a daily wallet, however, as its real purpose is to facilitate the E-Card, where all the real commerce occurs.

E-coin is now introducing an affiliate program to all card holders. The program is structured where affiliates will earn 10% of gross fees on their referrals in the first year, and 5% for every year after that.

E-coin is a bitcoin debit card & multi-sig wallet provider.