Earth Wallet Association Announces New Self-Custody Wallet For The New Web 3.0

Announcements, Innovation, News | June 22, 2021 By:

Earth Wallet Association has announced a new self-custody wallet for the next generation of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), decentralized finance, (DeFi), and decentralized applications (DApps) built on Web3.0.

Earth Wallet claims to be the first self-custody wallet for the new Internet Computer Protocol (ICP), which can be used as a way to recreate the web but in an even more decentralized form; and was named the next big currency to watch in 2021.

Earth Wallet is the only ICP wallet that enables atomic swap smart contract technology for crypto exchanges without centralized intermediaries. Compatible with ETH and BTC, it will make buying NFTs on ICP seamless and is the next iteration of metamask for multichain apps.

“The infrastructure being released this year like the Internet Computer Protocol really paves the way for an entirely new internet, and decentralizing social networks in a way that just wasn’t possible before. However, the user experience and developer tooling around these new protocols needs a lot of work to sustain the hype and valuations which they have received.” said Sukhveer Sanghera, CTO of “Earth Wallet solves a few key challenges that both developers and users face when building and using these new internet protocols”.

Earth Wallet is currently undergoing security audits and extensive testing, with public launch to follow. All code will be open sourced, providing a transparent, fast, and easy way for anyone to contribute to the future of finance, and store their digital assets in a browser extension similar to MetaMask, a popular Ethereum self-custody wallet.