Elliptic launches The Bitcoin Big Bang

Announcements | June 23, 2015 By:

On Thursday, June 18, Elliptic launches a new project known as The Bitcoin Big Bang which allows users to view an interactive visualization of historic and real-time transactions on the bitcoin network.

The main goal of this new project from Elliptic is to help businesses identify criminal activity on the blockchain and avoid interacting with those participants in the network.

“We welcome increased privacy features, and such new technology will inevitably change the way we have to detect crime, but increased privacy does not necessarily have to equate to more freedom for criminals,” said Elliptic CEO Dr. James Smith.

While there are a number of different companies working on ways to identify bitcoin users, there are also cryptographers and developers working on bringing more anonymity to bitcoin. Whether it’s through zerocash, a confidential transactions sidechain, or some other development, it seems clear that privacy in bitcoin will eventually be improved.

Elliptic is a London based Digital Currency Custodian.