Embleema, Gustave Roussy Partner On Healthcare Blockchain Initiative To Accelerate Cancer Research

Blockchain, News | March 5, 2019 By:

Healthcare blockchain network Embleema has partnered with European cancer center Gustave Roussy Institut to improve transparency, trust, patient safety and patient engagement in oncology clinical trials.

Embleema helps patients and pharma accelerate the availability of new treatments, by fast-forwarding the exchange of data from the real world. The company’s platform, called PatientTruth, stores and distributes electronic medical records and allows patients to assemble their own medical history, with full control and access to personal data. Individuals can also receive digital tokens in exchange for participation in clinical studies. It is also developing a decentralized platform for data sharing in clinical research.

Located in Villejuif, South Paris, France, Gustave Roussy Institut is a center for patient care, research and teaching, and patients with all types of cancer can be treated there.

The partnership will see Embleema deploy its technology and develop new standards for real-world oncology studies at the cancer center. Embleema said that the strategic partnership will enable the integration of health data, and consolidation onto a real world evidence data exchange, which will allow patients of the Gustave Roussy Institut to access and control their data.

“For the first time, healthcare data will become reusable for life sciences research, an important step forward in breaking data silos that typically slow down the development of new drugs,” Embleema said.

Professor Alexander Eggermont, General Director of the Gustave Roussy Institut, said that their partnership with Embleema will define a new ethical model in drug development, so individual healthcare data may be used to further clinical research, in a transparent manner that fully respects patient rights.

“Blockchain technology allows real world data to finally be able to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of treatments, and deliver new treatments to patients faster,” Eggermont said.

Embleema also announced the formation of a consortium to define and provide solutions that standardize the secure collection and exchange of digital health data. Gustave Roussy will be one of the first centers to allow its patients to take part in this new exchange that allows regulators to assess the efficacy and safety of health products on an ongoing basis.