Encrypted Email Provider Tutanota Now Accepts Crypto Donations

Announcements, Now Accepting | July 20, 2018 By:

Encrypted email services provider Tutanota has started accepting crypto donations in order to test payment processing using cryptocurrencies.

Tutanota, which is derived from Latin and contains the words “tuta” and “nota” which mean “secure message,” is an open-source end-to-end encrypted email software and freemium hosted secure email service. Its business model excludes earning money through advertisement relying solely on donations and premium subscriptions. The goal of Tutanota developers is to fight for email privacy.

In a blog post, Tutanota said users will now have the option to donate using bitcoin, ether, Bitcoin Cash and Monero. The company said they plan to use the donation wallets to gain experiences in how to handle payments with these cryptocurrencies and how to process payments automatically.

“We will now test payment processing and how easily we can automate the processing of crypto payments,” the company said. “Then we will add an option to also pay for Tutanota with cryptocurrencies.”

The company also said that they want to support cryptocurrencies because they welcome the idea of a decentralized payment method that works independent of centralized payment processors such as credit card companies and banks.

“We very much welcome the idea of an anonymous payment option as well,” the company said. “With Tutanota we want to provide an anonymous email service for journalists, whistleblowers and human rights activists who need the extra protection they get from the built-in encryption of Tutanota.”

Tutanota originally planned to add cryptocurrency support last year for its premium subscriptions. However, the feature was postponed as the company realized that they had to rebuild their encrypted email client from scratch to improve performance and add new features at a faster pace.