Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Expands Presence In Asia With New China Office

Announcements, Blockchain | February 14, 2019 By:

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) has opened a new regional office in China and appointed Dr. Weijia Zhang, Wanchain’s vice president of engineering, as EEA’s Regional Head.

Formed in February 2017 by JP Morgan, Santander, and a number of other founders, EEA is a blockchain initiative seeking to evolve ethereum so that it can serve as an enterprise-grade technology. It is also investigating hybrid architectures that span both permissioned and public ethereum networks, as well as industry specific application layer working groups. To date, the consortium has over 500 members.

In its announcement, EEA said that they opened a new Office in China to enable local EEA members to leverage the consortium’s standards, working groups, and resources to achieve business results.

“As part of our efforts to accelerate the global adoption of Enterprise Ethereum standards and associated certification programs, the EEA has opened regional offices in Japan, Korea, and now China as part of the organization’s ongoing efforts to open more offices around the globe,” said EEA Executive Director Ron Resnick. “For each office, we identify an accomplished individual who is passionate about blockchain for the benefit of everyone.”

The new office will be headed by Zhang, who will be responsible for supporting the advancement and adoption of EEA’s standards by taking part in local hackathons, workshops, training sessions, and conferences. Zhang, a former principal software engineer at Dell, has extensive research and development and engineering experience in blockchain, cognitive sciences, computational fluid dynamics, software modeling, computer technologies, and industrial standards.

“Zhang’s blockchain expertise and leadership will help to accelerate blockchain adoption in China and support activities of EEA’s growing member base,” Resnick said.

Zhang said that he look forward to working with the EEA in China to aid in bringing value to enterprises by utilizing EEA standards, working groups, and resources.

“There has never been a more challenging and exciting time to be in blockchain technology,” Zhang said. “The progress we are seeing across the industry is very promising, and the EEA’s leadership around blockchain standardization and adoption are paramount.”