Epik.com announces support for bitcoin transactions

Now Accepting | October 25, 2016 By:

Epik Holdings, Inc. announced it has integrated bitcoin as a supported method for payment and disbursement.

Epik customers can pay for domain registrations, SSL certificates, escrow, marketplace purchases, web development, hosting and other services using bitcoin. They can also pay with credit cards, bank transfers, Paypal and Masterbucks, an online currency that Epik created.

“We know of no domain registrar that has a more consistent and proven record of protecting registrants than Epik. We look forward to becoming the preferred online registrar worldwide for citizens of the world that have embraced bitcoin as a method of payment and who also value the assurance of having their domains held securely by an accredited full-service registrar with an unmatched record of keeping domain assets safe and secure,” said Epik Founder and CEO Rob Monster.

Epik.com is a domain name operator that has a commission-free domain marketplace.