‘ETH For Less’ Program To Launch, Offering Discounts On Crypto Tokens

Blockchain, Investing, News | February 27, 2018 By:

A new marketing campaign designed to stimulate familiarity with intellectual property-backed tokens will launch Friday. The program, called “ETH for Less,” offers a 10 percent discount on ETH purchased with the SNGLS token of SingularX.

There is no holding period for the discounted ETH. Purchasers are free to move it to wallet or trade it for other tokens on SingularX.

The promotion is a joint venture between blockchain entertainment studio SingularDTV, its SingularX platform, and New Zealand’s Centrality, a peer-to-peer blockchain marketplace for trading intellectual property and ERC-20 tokens that issued its own CENZZ tokens with SingularX.


Centrality launched their CENNZ tokens on SingularX on Monday, with trading raising more than $2.5M so far.

The trades will take place on the SingularX platform and are designed to acquaint intellectual property holders with the SingularX service, which was created in collaboration with Centrality.

The program will list ETH for purchase on SingularX at a discounted price, but will require purchase of a SNGLS token. The ETH price will be pegged to its price at the start of the event. The companies expect purchases of ETH, SNGLS and CENNZ, the Centrality token, to be enacted during the event, which ends Sunday

“Our collaboration with Centrality to building SingularX together has now become the first listing destination for the awaited CENZZ tokens by Centrality on SingularX,” said Arie Levy-Cohen the SingularDTV chief financial officer.

SingularDTV and Centrality are working on two other applications for release later this year.