Ethereum Game CryptoKitties Names Moma Wang As Brand Ambassador

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CryptoKitties, the wildly successful blockchain collection game, is  officially launching in ChinaHong Kong, and Taiwan. To avoid the ethereum network overload CryptoKitties caused when it premiered in North America in late 2017, the iOS app launch is initially limited to 5,000 new players in those territories.

CryptoKitties is the ethereum network’s largest blockchain game, responsible for over a quarter of the network’s traffic during its peak. Unlike cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or ether, CryptoKitties are cryptocollectibles that secure ownership of digital art via blockchain technology. Since launching in late 2017, the game has acquired 1.5 million registered users and conducted over US$40-million in transactions, with some of the game’s most popular cats selling for the equivalent of over US$200,000.

To participate in the new territories launch, new players need to join the CryptoKitties official WeChat account and register their email address on a special entry page. Open spots will be awarded to players on an ongoing basis.

In recognition of CryptoKitties’ China launch, artist Momo Wang has been named as brand ambassador. Momo Wang is a multiple award-winning and internationally recognized illustrator based in Beijing. She has been named the 46th most powerful person in “China’s 100 Most Powerful People” by Century Weekly in 2007, and is the author of seven books. Her book I, TUZKI, U won the Best Graphic Novel Award at the Annual Book Industry Awards of China.

Momo Wang is the first celebrity contributor to the CryptoKitties Artist Series, which will offer special edition digital cats designed by prominent artists, influencers, and designers. A series of unique and limited-edition “fancy” cats designed by Momo Wang will be available globally. One of the cats will be the subject of a global auction that represents one of the first examples of an internationally-recognized artist auctioning ownership of their art via blockchain technology, underlining the technology’s potential for art and artists, as well as their fans. These special edition cats are expected to be highly sought, and this demand could lead to a significant increase in transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

Momo Wang is the creator of the highly popular Tuzki character, a black and white line drawing of a bunny that is one of the most recognized characters in China and used widely across various instant messaging platforms, particularly WeChat. Tuzki has featured in advertising campaigns by Motorola, KFC, and Fujifilm. Tuzki is also popular across Asia, with over 40 million Tuzki stickers sent daily on messaging platforms such as Facebook and WeChat. Additionally, Tencent and Turner Entertainment are collaborating on a motion picture based on the character.

“We created CryptoKitties to make blockchain technology accessible to everyday consumers,” said CryptoKitties co-founder Benny Giang. “Games like CryptoKitties drive adoption of emerging technologies like blockchain. They also showcase blockchain’s potential beyond cryptocurrency, gifting users with a working fluency in the underlying technology by hinting at what the future of digital art ownership may look like.”