European Commission’s Blockchain Initiative To Establish First Working Groups

Blockchain, News | June 6, 2019 By:

The European Commission’s blockchain initiative is planning to launch its first working groups.

The International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA), which was officially launched in April of this year, is an initiative by EU’s European Blockchain Partnership, the result of close collaboration of 26 EU countries. The initiative brings together industry, startups and SMEs, policy makers, international organizations, regulators, civil society and standard setting bodies to support blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) to be mainstreamed and scaled-up across multiple sectors.

Currently, INATBA has 105 founding members, including Accenture, Ambrosus, Bitfury, COCIR, ConsenSys, FIBREE, Fujitsu, Gnosis, IOTA, JOLOCOM, Konfidio, L’OREAL, Quant Network, Ripple, SAP, SWIFT, Unibright, and Volksbank Mittweida eG, among others. INATBA board members include Dr. Julie A. Maupin, JD/MA Director of Social Impact & Public Regulatory Affairs, IOTA Foundation; Carlos Kuchkovsky, CTO New Digital Business, BBVA and Board Member, Hyperledger; Jacob Bangsgaard, CEO of ERTICO – ITS Europe; Nadia Filali, Director, Caisse des Dépôts, and others.

Maupin said in a Twitter post that INATBA held its first general assembly meeting yesterday, and that founding members agreed to launch working groups focused on areas including mobility, energy, supply chain, identity, healthcare, and finance, among others.