European School of Management and Technology offers booster program on blockchain

Announcements | March 16, 2016 By:

The European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) announced it has chosen blockchain as one of topics in its new series of booster programs. Other available options are digital strategy, cybersecurity, hacking and industrial 3D printing.

The new series of two-day booster programs announced by the prestigious international business school based in Berlin will take place in June, November and December 2016. Tuition fee for each program is €1,800.

The course on blockchain aims to provide executives across industries a practical introduction to cutting-edge, decentralized digital technology (“blockchain”). Participants will learn about the potential of the technology for disruption, and have ‘a starting point for experimentation in their organization’.

The school promises that by the end of the program the students will master the basics of blockchain, will be able to analyse its disruptive potential for their business and will be willing to experiment with it.